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3 Ways You’ll Grow (In A Big Way) When You Surrender

If you look up the definition of surrender you’d learn that it means to cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to authority.  It means to “give up” … which may give you pause about surrendering.

Surrender, however, takes on an entirely different meaning when we talk about it in the world of personal development or in spiritual circles.

Ironically, surrender may very well be the key that’s missing in your ability to overcome a challenge.  Surrender may be the key that ignites your own growth.  In fact, surrender may very well lead you to the opposite of its definition and gain you so much more than you may even realize.

1. Spiritually

To spiritually surrender is to “let go and let God.”  Essentially the question of HOW you’ll get things accomplished, or HOW you’ll overcome challenge is left to faith (to God, to the Universe…insert whatever term makes you comfortable here).  I often say, “The Universe has your back, I trust Her implicitly.”  Indeed, this has served me well.  No matter what’s before me, I trust why it was presented to me.  What others might view as life being “difficult” for me, I would recognize as a purposeful experience happening for me. It doesn’t always have to be pleasant…but it is always purposeful in the end.  What I learn, I learn forever.

Pastor Rick Warren states, “You know you’re surrendered to God when you rely on God to work things out instead of trying to manipulate others, force your agenda, and control the situation…Instead of trying harder, you trust more.

2. Life Purpose

Dr. Martin Luther King’s elegantly stated that, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Simply put, by surrendering you can move in the direction you’re inspired and meant to go.  Surrendering doesn’t require justification from outside sources.  It’s you being pulled by your own purpose and passion (whatever that might be for you) and you’re no longer reacting to life.  Your life isn’t overrun with details about HOW to accomplish your calling.  In the words of Nike…you “JUST DO IT.”

Dr. King proved this best. He surrendered to who he was and his purpose and even through some of the most difficult times in history, managed to fulfill his dream and never give up.  EVERYONE benefited from the love and passion of Dr. King surrendering to his calling.

Surrendering to WHO YOU REALLY ARE may very well change the world
not just for you but for the betterment of others, too. 

3. Authentic Lifestyle

When you’ve finally had enough of “keeping up with the Kardashians” …you can get back to the business of YOU and who YOU are and WHY you’re here.  You remove the stress, clutter and energetic noise of comparison and competition and you lead life authentically.  By no longer relying on material “things” nor other’s “approval” for (false) reassurance, you access a channel of freedom. You’ll recognize and highly value authentic experiences…infusing inner joy and meaning back into your life.  It matters not what others say.  By surrendering to WHO YOU REALLY ARE you walk fearlessly on the road less traveled with a sense of awe and wonder and curiosity.

It’s no coincidence we’re moved by the stories of individuals who’ve overcome the odds, who refused to listen to nay-sayers and who truly surrendered to life, to purpose and most of all…who had the faith and trust in the Universe that it’ll work out and indeed it masterfully did. They did and do what we’re ALL meant to do (yet so many are not).

  • Meryl Streep at the age of 27 was told she was “too ugly” for the movie King Kong.  She now has more Academy Award nominations than any other actress in Hollywood.
  • Albert Einstein was described by his teachers as “mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift in foolish dreams.” Einstein was even expelled from school!  It turns out he was a pretty smart guy.
  • 12 publishers rejected J.K. Rowling’s book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone before it was finally published. Dr. Seuss was rejected 27 times by publishers before finally being published.
  • Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”  He even went bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland.

Surrendering is about what you gain when you give in to your experience and how you’re growing and expanding because of the challenge and then using the hurt for the greatest good with all that it taught you.

Surrendering is giving in and answering your purpose.  It’s a calling that can not be ignored.

Surrendering is living life authentically…living in your truth and shifting from day-to-day existence to life that’s thriving.


Written by Maria Flynn

Originally published on onewiselife.com



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