Meanings Of Tibetan Lucky Knot – The Lotus Form


Meanings Of Tibetan Lucky Knot

The Endless Knot symbol (Sanskrit name is shrivatsa) is ancient and may have its origin in a Naga-related symbology.

Nagas are a class of beings that live in a variety of locations ranging from underground locations and waterways and also in unseen realms. These powerful beings have their own perceptions and vary in their enlightened level as do humans beings. In addition, some Nagas take the role of Dharma (spiritual teachings) protectors.

More importantly, in Hindu mythology, they are malevolent and benevolent, Gods and demons. The Nagas represent our unconscious mind which consists of 2 parts: the higher self and our base consciousness. Additionally, serpents also symbolize renewal and rebirth due to the systematic shedding of their skin. You can also find serpents in ancient cultures representing the cycles of time.

Endless Knot meaning in Tibetan Buddhism

In Tibetan Buddhism, the symbol of promise symbolizing the unity between compassion and infinite wisdom, that is without beginning or end. Occasionally, you can find the symbol in Chinese art and used in Chinese knots.

The symbol also represents Samsara, which is the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, a karmic cycle that continues eternally until complete spiritual liberation. Since the symbol has no beginning or end, it represents the wisdom of the Buddha. Another possible interpretation relates to the interaction of the opposing forces in the dualistic world of manifestation, leading to their union, and ultimately to harmony in the entire creation.

Feng Shui

This symbol is frequently used in feng shui amulets for love, abundance, prosperity, and protection. In feng shui, it represents a harmonious flow of positive energy uninterrupted by any misfortunes, setbacks, or accidents.

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