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You Only Fall in Love with Three People in Your Lifetime!

There’re only three persons in your life that you fall in love with. You fall in love with each of them for a reason.

The first person you probably meet in your teenager years. It’s an innocent love, which sounds like a love story you read in fairy tales.

It may also comply with the expectations of your family and society. You believe that it will be your first as well as your only love. Even if sometimes it does not seem exactly right, you censure personal truths to make it work. You do so, as you think that compromising your character is a part of what love is meant to be.

During this sort of love, what other people think of you is more important than your feelings.

This kind of love just looks right.

Your second love is meant to be the tough love. Namely, it’ll teach you lessons about who you are as well as what you are looking for in love. This kind of love is full of manipulations, lies and pain.

You believe that you are making a better choice than your first love. Although it may not be the right person, choice is a necessary evil in case you’re about to find out what you want from love. It may become a vicious circle that you may repeat as you think that the ending will be different from before. But, each time is actually worse than the previous.

Unfortunately, it may get frustrating, nasty, and unhealthy. It may include drama, and even emotional or physical abuse. It is like a junkie attempting to get a fix: it is an emotional rollercoaster of devastating lost and extreme highs. You stick through the pain in anticipation of the high.

During this type of love, you try to make things work.

You wish this type of love was right.

Your third love is meant to catch you off-guard. It is the one you do not see coming, since it looks all wrong as well as appears to be opposed to your ideals of what love should be. It comes by so easily, that sometimes it does not seem real. It is the form of connection that cannot be explained.

When you come across the right person, there are not any expectations of what should take place or how your partner should act. Also, there is no pressure to be somebody you are not.

Your partner does accept you for who you are. This does shake you to your core.

Perhaps it isn’t what you thought your love would look like, and it may be against all the rules you set up to protect yourself. However, it can still manage to bring down your preconceived ideas.

Furthermore, this type of love is actually the one that continues to knock on your door, regardless of how long it takes for you to answer.

It is the one that makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

Perhaps not everyone is lucky enough to identify or meet all their loves in a lifetime. This may happen as they aren’t yet ready for them. Perhaps they should learn everything that love is not, so that they can learn what it is.

Perhaps some people need a few years to learn each lesson, whereas others need a lifetime. Perhaps it isn’t a question of whether they are ready for love, but whether love is ready for them.







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