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Your Cat Is Not Just A Pet, You Might Be Sharing A Spiritual Connection

One does not spend a lot of time thinking about it, but cats are more than just pets or animals we see on the streets.

There has always been some kind of mystical significance assigned to cats and for a good reason. If you read up on ancient Egypt and Occult, they would know exactly how significant cats are, spiritually.

They are believed to have a very intense energy field, which is why they are always attracted to people with special abilities and auras.

There is also a general belief that cats do not like to mix with humans, but science says otherwise. A recent study says that cats enjoy being with humans more than we could imagine.

The study saw 50 cats being kept separate from any kind of human interaction for a week with all of their other needs fulfilled and then resent to human company, which accelerated their responses immensely.

Masters of meditation

Cats have been known to sense all of the kinds of things in their atmosphere, too. They can sense when their owner is low, or if there are spirits around. The vastness is truly terrific.

They are great cuddlers too because they exude calming vibrations and make the person they are cuddling super comfortable.

Cats are masters of meditation and could change your life greatly. Firstly, they are pros at something known as Catnap, which essentially means that they go to sleep when faced with a conflict to reach a place of complete calm to make sure they are prepared to face whatever is happening.

Secondly, they are skilled at Focus, which again means that there are a few things that can distract a cat when they are fixated on something.

They are great observers. Lastly, they are ever chanting- it is the purring. It helps them attract energy that suits them and remain calm in all situations.

In conclusion, one would not be wrong to say that cats are pretty much as amazing as it can get and if you do plan to get a pet cat one day, remember, adopt, do not shop!

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