Hamsa Hand Tapestry – The Lotus Form


Hamsa Hand Tapestry
Hamsa Hand Tapestry
Hamsa Hand Tapestry

Hamsa Hand Tapestry

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Conveniently versatile, this Hamsa Hand Tapestry can be used for the beach, as a wall hanging or on a bed or lounge. 

    The Hamsa Hand or Hamesh Hand is a symbol for protection and wisdom. To ward off the Evil Eye which is believed to an energy that exists to cause harm, misfortune and bad luck.

    The name has significance with the hand as it means five and refers to the digits of the hand with two symmetrical thumbs.

    The Hamsa is also variously known as the Hand of Fatima after the daughter of the prophet Muhammad, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam, and the Hand of the Goddess.

    The actual products colors & shades may vary slightly from image. This tapestry is printed, not quilted or woven; it is not designed as a fitted sheet. The tapestry is printed on the front side only.

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    Product details :-

    • Item Type: Tapestry
    • Condition: 100% Brand New
    • Material: Polyester
    • Shape: Vertical Rectangular
    • Size: Approx.
      • 95 x 75cm / 37 x 29 In 
      • 150 x 100cm / 59 x 39 In
      • 150 x 130cm / 59 x 51 In
      • 150 x 150cm / 59 x 59 In
      • 200 x 150cm / 78 x 59 In
      • 230 x 150cm / 90 x 59 In

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