Zen Buddha 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art
Zen Buddha 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art
Zen Buddha 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art

Zen Buddha 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art

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Bring positive energies and wisdom into your home with this Zen Buddha 5 pieces Canvas Wall Art.

In Chinese Feng Shui, hanging a Buddha Painting in your home will help attracts positive energies. Calm energy in your home will bring a sense of balance into your life. Buddha Feng Shui has a calming yin energy that balances the active yang energy of a hectic lifestyle. Buddha Feng Shui focuses on creating a peaceful Chi energy by using images of the calm and loving Buddha. 

This canvas print is created using a modern color blooming technique. This helps add a fabulous twist to the poster and brings out the alluring colors. 

Canvas art prints are a stylish and classic way to add color and style to your home.

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Product details:

  • Image: Buddha
  • Material: Canvas
  • Medium:¬†Waterproof Ink
  • Shape: Vertical Rectangular
  • Frame: Optional
  • Size: Approx.
    • Size A:¬†¬†10x15cmx2/10x20cmx2/10x25cmx1 -----------------------(4x6 In x2/4x8 In x2/4x10 In x1)
    • Size B:¬† ¬†20x35cmx2/20x45cmx2/20x55cmx1 ----------------------(8x14 In x2/8x18 In x2/8x22 In x1)
    • Size C:¬† ¬†30x40cmx2/30x60cmx2/30x80cmx1 ---------------------(12x16 In x2/12x24 In x2/12x32 In x1)
  • Hangs In:¬†Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Cafes, Hotels, anywhere!

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